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Q & A

• What’s a Voice Drop? • Voice Drops is a technology that delivers your marketing message as a voice mail to prospects, each successfully delivered message is referred to as a “Voice Drop”, or a “Drop” This is a painless way of generating hot prospects who call you to learn more.

• What kind of phone numbers can get Voice Drops • Cell phones, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), and landline numbers can receive Voice Drops.

• Is this legal/compliant? • 100% yes. To achieve our “Ringless” to cell phones and VOIP numbers, the drops are sent via server to server file transfer that never uses a phone line (don’t worry, we have marketing materials and flyers in the members area to help you, and help your clients, understand our full compliance). We have – at no extra charge – National DNC scrubbing tools at your disposal.  All of our done for you provided lists are pre-scrubbed against the DNC.

• Where do we get numbers to use with Voice Drops? • We give them to you! With a Voice Drops subscription you get access to our HUGE database of business and residential/consumer phone numbers, just fill out a form choosing the criteria you want to generate a list based on (available socioeconomic, geographic information) and we’ll send you the list AND upload it to your account for your convenience.

• How do I know what to say? • Use our extensive library of professionally created, split tested, and proven scripts or crowdsource and brainstorm your script ideas in our Voice Drops mastermind community. We test 10-20 scripts in various niches to identify exactly what “works”, and gets prospects calling you back!

• How do credits work? • 1 credit = 1 successfully delivered Voice Drop.  You don’t pay for failed drops or minutes. With a Voice Drops subscription (optional) to our extensive Done For You services you also receive a credit voucher each month for 3,500 credits at no charge. Or you can buy credits in bundles on demand – there are never any surprise charges, you are always in control!

• Can I use this if I am not in America? • YES! You can send drops FROM anywhere in the world with our cloud based software and Done For You services and you can send drops TO the US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Peru, Argentina, and Chile (And we are always working to expand our reach)

• Is there a recurring fee? We do offer a subscription Done For You service which has a monthly fee and includes: Weekly live strategy sessions, unlimited lead list generation for both business prospects and consumer/residential prospects, unlimited campaign set up and management and a monthly voucher coupon claimable for free credits. A bonus with your purchase during this promotion is that you receive a subscription with the first 30 days free so you can decide, risk free, if these services are a value add to your business.

• What if Voice Drops isn’t for me? We have a full 100% cash back 30-day satisfaction guarantee on your purchase of a Voice Drops software license.